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Stroll in canoe from Nort-sur-Erdre leisure port to enjoy

an unforgettable nautical experiment.
Guided by an instructor, discover the boat handling

and embark in the adventure.

So close to the water, your fauna and flora perception will be stimulated.
Let youself be wrapped by the twilight, enjoy the magical moment when the daylights gives away to the secrecy and anchantment of the night.


Our evening canoe strolls are divided into three parts

  • The outward trip : Enjoy the first surfing trills, the feeling of great freedom and commune with Nature.

  • The ashore break : Have a snack break to observe the surrounding, listen to the sounds of Nature then enjoy stories about the wonders of Nature

  • The return trip : Now that you are a more experienced sailor, relax end listen carefully to Nature as night is falling.

The instructors will be there for boat handling but also to discover the surrounding.

Helpful tips : In order to benefit from the best conditions from your strolls,

  • Take your meal for the snack break - half of the trip (30 minutes break).

  • Take a warm jumper and a light wind short to feel well in spite of the coolness of the evening and the gentle breeze.

  • Please note that wearing shoes is mandatory (a pair of old trainers perfectly fits the bill)

  • Bring an extra set of clothes

  • During the stroll, you can leave your belongings in a locked location at the club.

Appointment :

Meeting place : 18h30 at the nautical club

(behind the harbour-office and the nautical base).

To get there, circumvent "la salle des marais" through its car park

situated on Paul doumer Boulevard, in Nort-sur-Erdre (44390)


The trip will take 4h30.

Dates :


Pré-régistration here

or call 06-73-48-39-55


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